New Zine: Chronicles


I recently got a copy the first issue of Chronicles Zine out of Norway. The editor Steinar has done a great job of keeping the old spirit alive with this one, because throughout the issue he actually draws upon quotes and little pieces borrowed from classic zines, and peppers them throughout the issue, so you get a bit of history as you wind through the pages. However, this issue is not just retro-focused, because behind the Necrolord-drawn logo of the front page, he turns the focus primarily to new interviews (sorry no reviews!). He has an extended, in depth format that really allows you to get to know the bands/artists, even if you never heard of them. This one features an extended chat with Chuck Keller from Ares Kingdom about his long career, as well as a similarly retrospective talk with Anton Reisenegger from Pentagram (Chile). Other interviews are with the sole member of Patrons of the Rotting Gate, Sweden’s Blood Mortized, Mexico’s/US Sol Negro and Norway’s own Audiopain. I must say its a standout issue, well done.

English. 58 pages, stapled, w/photocopied pages. My issue is hand-numbered #197 of 300 printed.50 kr (Norway), 8 Euros (Europe), 9 Euros (rest of the world). All prices include shipping. Trades are welcome too.

Contact: steinar.selsto[at]

Address: Chronicles. Safirvegen 24, 3931 Porsgrunn, Norway


*Chronicles review from Voices From the Darkside


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