Petrified #3
(USA – Florida) 1994

Petrified #3 (USA – Florida) 1994. Editor: “Thorns (Sentis)”

Full Moon Productions’ zine extension, and quite a timely one this is. Black metal to the core with many informative and insightful interviews, including Algaion, Ancient, Burzum, Behemoth, Bard Faust (Emperor), Gehenna, Graveland, Hades (NOR), In the Woods, Katatonia, Primordial, Throne of Ahaz, Vlad Tepes, Varathron, Morningstar, and TONS of reviews. THANKS to Asmodian Coven (via) passetiermes (via) NWN! cheers.





  • Zachariah Elias

    Hey Jason, was reading Extremity Retained when I decided to check out your site. Pleasant surprise to see Petrified Zine’s entry as the first one; truth be told that particular zine got me so deeply obsessed with black metal’s second wave, despite the sketchy politics & the cringe-inducing bravado of many a black metal fan/musician. But it was good for what it was; keep up the good work, brother.


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