Holocaust #5
(Poland) 1991

Holocaust #5 (Poland) 1991. Editor: Tomasz Krajewski”

Classic  zine from eventual Pagan Records (Poland) founder Tomasz Krajewski. Features an interesting editorial on the prevalence of trendy death metal people inhabiting the scene at the time, as well as an article on the occult called “The Voice of the Dark” by a fellow from Mexico named Alberto Vorkt Jimenez. The cover and back cover establish a brilliant, minimalistic touch, setting a great mood as you move through the text within. Has interviews and features with Afflicted, Possessed, Benediction, Imperator, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Revenant, Samael, Sindrome, Unleashed, Thanatos, and many more.


  • Daniel Melendez

    Man, this is amazing! Holocaust ‘zine was the first european fanzine I ever read! I remember having the 4th issue in my hands whenI was 17-18 years old! Amazing job, btw, keep them coming! Any chance that you have the fourth issue as well?


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