Deathcheese Zine #1
(USA) 1991

Deathcheese Zine #1 (USA) 1991. Editor: Brian Hellfarmer

This was a stapled, photocopied zine out of Oxnard, California, that also had Richard Johnson (Enemy Soil, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Drugs of Faith) as a writer/interviewer, and as such features not just my DC-area hometown band Abominog, but also some interviews culled from shows I attended back then, like the incredible ‘some tours were meant to stay underground’ tour in Nov and Dec 1990 (WASH, DC was DEC 7th, 1990) that featured Sepultura, Obituary, and Sadus. The interviews here with Sepultura and Sadus are from that tour and feature some timeless commentary. Also we have 2 separate interviews with Morbid Angel just before the release of “Blessed are the Sick.” Additionally there is a cool interview with James Murphy when he was in Obituary. A very text-heavy zine, but that is where the gold lies with this one!


  • Hellfarmer

    It’s so cool to see this again – I think I have a copy or two moldering in a box somewhere, but it’s kind of a thrill to see it posted somewhere metal nerds will be able to check it out. The zine definitely looks dated – it was assembled with the cheapest publishing software available at the time on some early IBM system (a huge upgrade from my Laser 128 Apple II clone!) – but I’m still perversely proud of it.

    Sad thing was there was an issue 2 ready to go (I even put an ad for it in issue 1) but my life changed pretty drastically before I was able to get it out. I think Richard used his interviews in Disposable and my stuff might’ve run in Curious Goods, which I continued to write for for a while.

    Ah well, good times.


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