Possessor Terror #4
(Chile) 1992

Possessor Terror #4 (Chile) 1992. Editors: “Francisco “Panchy”” + Jimmy y Carlos (en EspaƱol)

Another one from Chile, with features/reviews/interviews in Embrionic Death, Naked City, Nuclear Blast Records, Carnal Dissection, Krabathor, UGB, Peruvian Scene report, Impaled Nazarene, & Minutes of Nausea, Disastrous Murmur, Ministry, demo reviews and more. Thanks to Mario for sending in it.



  • Francisco Barria ( Panchy)

    Hi there from the cold Patagonia. My name is Francisco, one of the guys who created this Possessor Terror fanzine project. It`s great to read it on the net. Lots of great `zines and info of course on this blog. I keep contact with Nego to send you the other issues. Anything I can help, just keep in touch, bye.. and thanx for taking the time doing this.


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