Witchcraft #2
(Germany) 1993

Witchcraft #2 (Germany) 1993. Editors: “Stefan Löns”

This is the second issue of this German zine (in English) that focused more on the black/doom scene (but not exclusively). Interesting and early interviews/features with Beherit, Belial, Phlegethon, Damnatory, Deathlike Silence Productions, Emperor, Fester, Greek Scene Report, Marduk, Mortuary drape, Occult, Order From Chaos, Sadist, Thergothon, New World Symphony Records, and more. (Thanks Stefan).

The cover of the zine is Emperor, live in Liverpool, UK (1993).


  • artaudpoulos

    Hello, I have been searching for this magazine almost 15 years now. Is there a possibility that you may have a double copy and willing to sell? otherwise any idea where can I get a hold on to a copy of it?


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