Thrash Metal
(US) 1990

Thrash Metal  (US) November, 1990, Editor: “Steve Peters”

Here is another ‘non-zine’ rag I found in my collection and, while obviously a national magazine, it nevertheless had some valuable and interesting content, ads, interviews, and features (much like previous additions such as Metal Forces), so I thought it would be cool to add to the archive. While there is attention to the heavy hitters of Exodus, Anthrax, and Testament, there is also a cool LA scene report, Annihilator, Agony Column, Faith No More, Defiance, and some cool ads. For some reason I could not find an issue number and,  I think it had a very limited run, being printed only when the thrash scene was at its high point. Either way…



  • Hellfarmer

    Just posting here to ask if anyone remembers an article about noise that might’ve appeared in this magazine, like a two page piece that mentioned Borbetomagus, Von Lmo, Sonic Youth, maybe Merzbow and so on? Possibly written by Thurston Moore or someone like that. It appeared around this time, I think in Thrash Metal, and got me into lots of weird shit.


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