Giants Lore #3
(Germany) Sept. 1990

Giants Lore #3 (Germany) Sept. 1990. Editor: “Eddi Ambrozi” (German)

From 1989 to 1991, I had a power metal band of sorts (or what was called ‘power metal’ then, something like half thrash and half metal…sort of like Savatage or Metal Church), and it was called Damnation. Pretty typical name, but it worked and we played numerous shows around the DC area, and on guitar we had John Gallagher (not of Raven!), who is NOW the vocalist/guitarist in Dying Fetus. Well, at the time I was in love with Fates Warning, and to me the greatest album ever was “Awaken the Guardian,” still an immortal classic. So when I saw an ad for this zine back in 1990, I sent them the Damnation demo, and got a copy of the zine in return, which was amazing because he sent it from Germany, and it was pro-printed. The guy was just way too nice, but in reality that is how the underground operated then.

Giants Lore”  was all in German, but I did not care, because the seven page feature with Fate’s Warning made me feel like I had some rare underground connection which one of my favorite bands. The guys at Giants Lore (named after a Fates Warning song) were also heavily into what was then a very young progressive metal movement, and if you can read German this is an essential issue (btw check out Jeff Wagner’s prog metal book “Mean Deviation” for more historic fun in that department). Also featured was my OTHER favorite band at the time…SABBAT! They were so ahead of their time, and so perfect to my ears, I was crushed when they split up that year, and well Skyclad was cool too, but Sabbat’s Dreamweaver was never topped, lyrically or musically by anything after from those involved.


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