Ripping The Soil #1
(USA) 1993

Ripping The Soil #1 (USA) 1993. Editor: “Neil Beckman.”

This zine out of Wisconsin was thick, packed with ads and bound with an odd plastic binder that really made it a pain in the ass to scan, (…although it is effective). The interviews are nice, but sparse and brief. Highlights are Epidemic, Mike Browning (ex-Nocturnus/Morbid Angel) who was in Acheron at the time, an early Living Sacrifice, plus Scatterbrain, Internal Bleeding, Baphomet, Impetigo, Baphomet, Cataclysm, Deteriorate, Malevolent Creation Hellwitch,¬† and more. (As a note, if anyone wants to see any other non-scanned¬†part of this zine or any other, just leave a message.)


  • Carm

    A ‘zine with a binding? And they used comb binding! That’s fucking wild! I worked at Kinko’s for a while and those were a pain in the ass to bind and de-bind. Jesus Christ.


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